Myer Rush

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"Rosen's book reads like a blast of adrenalin: every episode like an exploding meteorite. If you read one chapter, you're hooked. You can't put it down!... It is the ultimate, clandestine, peeping hole into the titillating dimension of organized crime of past years...”
J. Tony Serra

A Trial Lawyer of the Year Award-Winner
Author of Walking the Circle

"Myer Rush was a con man, thief, and mob associate...but am I ever glad that he told his story. Hearing directly from guys like Rush is entertaining, enlightening and important. Bruce Farrell Rosen provides a unique and engaging take on a colourful slice of gangland life, a life that almost ended, again and again, before Rush's story could be told."
Adrian Humphreys
Award-Winning National Post Organized Crime Reporter
Author of The Sixth Family

“Wow – what a bombshell! Don’t expect to start this book and set it down…Through a series of personal interviews, Rosen follows his gangster uncle around the world as a boy and then as a man, who accumulates wealth through crime, stealth and unbelievable chutzpah. This “lifetime of memories” written in Rosen’s beautiful, polished prose is a book you won’t forget.”
Merla Zellerbach
Author of several novels including “A-List Murders”
Former San Francisco Chronicle Columnist

“Themes of crime and redemption run through the life of a complicated “gangster” “…The writing is well crafted…It’s certainly likely that readers will walk away impressed by the enormity and magnitude of adventure contained in a single life.”
ForeWord Reviews Magazine

“BOMBED IN HIS BED: The Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush is an as-told-to book by Bruce Farrell Rosen, his nephew. Rush was a very successful gangster who grew up in Depression-era Toronto, a man who would have been successful in any enterprise, accumulating wealth through crime and legitimate enterprise…He was, as the saying goes, larger than life…There is no way to briefly describe his life and we can thank his nephew for what is a very interesting biography.”
Alan Caruba
Editor -
Founding Member of the National Book Critics Circle

“…An outstanding book, in terms of readability, research, tone, and interest…Rosen writes through multiple lenses - journalist, nephew, son, and observer…A beautiful narrative, this book is a wonderful way to get the story out about a less than perfect man who did his best to live life according to his own rules…”
Bonnie Cehovet
Writer/Editor of

"The disparity between the highs and lows are so extreme and graphic and the narrative voice is fascinating. What an incredible thing you have written."
Jannie McInnis - Executive Producer
Believe Media

“…After reading this book about my father’s life I really had the feeling that I got to know him, and that I understood his way of life. Everybody always told me that he loved his family and how he adored children, this book reinforces those stories…”
Michelle Rush
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